Working in New Employer Access

March 13, 2024

IMRF’s new Employer Access system was launched on March 4. We greatly appreciate all of your help and cooperation in making this happen! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Here are a few key steps to get started in the new system.

Step 1: Register for Your New Employer Access Account

The IMRF Authorized Agent for your organization was sent an email with a link to register for your new Employer Access account. If your Authorized Agent has not received an email or was unable to register within the 48-hour window, please call our Employer Services team at 1-800-728-7971. We will re-send links in groupings throughout this week to those who were unable to register.

Many of you have successfully registered and already completed steps 2 and 3 below. If so, you can skip down to the Wage Reports section.

Step 2: Add Your Team to Your New Account

Once you have activated your new Employer Access account, please click here and scroll down to the Add a team member training topic for instructions on how to set up your team in the new system.

Please note: When adding a team member, please be sure to click the Add Partner button in the middle of the screen after entering the team member information and follow the prompts. Some employers have missed this step, which causes the Save button to be grayed out.

If you are having difficulty adding a team member, please watch this video to walk you through the steps: Employer Access: Add Team Member on Vimeo

Step 3: Set Up Your Pre-Authorized Debit Account

Once you have activated your new Employer Access account and set up your team, please click here and open the Set Up Payment Account pdf for instructions on setting up your Pre-Authorized Debit Account. For this process, you may need IMRF’s company ID (2000065862) and associated account number (65862).

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the Employer Access FAQs for explanations of some of the error messages employers have been receiving and answers to questions employers have been asking. We will continue adding to this FAQ page, so please continue to check back.

Filing Wage Reports

In new Employer Access, wage reports will now be due on the 20th of the month (instead of the 10th as they were in the previous system).

For detailed instructions on filing wage reports, visit this page.

New Employer Access Learning Center

Please visit the new Employer Access Learning Center for a wealth of helpful how-to information and answers to your questions.