After you apply for your pension - next steps

for IMRF Retirees

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement!

Congratulations on applying for retirement! Your IMRF pension will provide you with retirement income as long as you live.

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What should I do first?

Register for Member Access

If you don’t yet have an IMRF Member Access account, click here to create one.

Options retirees may wish to consider 

How do I learn more about my benefits?

To learn more about... on the “Retirees” tab on the menu at the top of the page:

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What documents should I expect from IMRF?

Your Preliminary Benefit Statement

If you are eligible to receive a retirement refund or have other choices about your pension, you will receive a Preliminary Benefit Statement explaining your payment options. You should receive your Preliminary Benefit Statement after your claim is approved. 

Your Certificate of Benefits
After we process your retirement, you will receive your Certificate of Benefits. Keep this document with your important papers. It includes useful information about your retirement benefits, including:

Will I receive Social Security as an IMRF member?

The majority of IMRF members are entitled to unreduced Social Security benefits. If you hear differently from a Social Security representative, click here to learn more.

Can I work part-time for an IMRF employer after I retire?

Always contact IMRF first if you're thinking about returning or continuing to work for any public sector employer. You can face serious financial consequences if you don't follow the laws that apply to receiving a public pension while working for a public sector employer.

To ask about your situation, send us a secure message through Member Access, or call us at 1-800-ASK-IMRF (275-4673).

How can I find health insurance after retirement?

Your IMRF benefits do not include insurance. For more information about your options, visit:

(Note: IMRF Member Services Representatives cannot answer questions about insurance benefits.)

How is my IMRF pension taxed?

Your IMRF pension is subject to federal income tax.

If you live in Illinois, your pension is not subject to state income tax. Other states vary.

Form W-4P: Withholding Certificate for Pension Payments
The IRS requires you to complete Form W-4P and return it to IMRF. The easiest and fastest way to do this is through your Member Access account. To log in to your Member Access account or to register for an account, click here.

Form 1099-R: Your annual tax statement
You will receive a 1099-R tax statement from IMRF in the mail every January. It contains information you’ll need for filing your federal and state income tax returns. Your 1099-R statement will be available in your Member Access account before it is mailed to you. You can also view 1099-R statements from earlier years in Member Access.

For more information about how your pension is taxed and the forms you need, click here.

How do I change my direct deposit account?

The fastest and easiest way to submit changes is through your Member Access account. To learn more, click here.