Pension Estimates

for Active IMRF Members

Pension Estimates Help You Plan

An important part of your retirement planning is knowing what your retirement benefits will be. IMRF offers a variety of ways for you to estimate your future IMRF pension.

Create Personal Pension Estimates in Member Access

The Pension Estimator in Member Access lets you create pension estimates at any time, and you can see your results right away. You can create an unlimited number of retirement scenarios, such as using:

You will be able to save pension estimates you create in Member Access.

Estimates Included in Your Personal Statement of Benefits

Every year IMRF provides an online personal statement of benefits. Once you have at least one year of service credit, your annual statement will include personal pension estimates and the estimated value of your future IMRF pension.

Formal Pension Estimates

When you are nearing retirement, you should call IMRF to request a formal pension estimate. You should always request a formal written estimate before making any final decisions about your retirement.