All Workshops are Online for 2023

IMRF Workshop

Member Webinar Workshops

Pre-Retirement Workshop Webinar

Plan Your Retirement

Pre-Retirement Workshops are intended for members within five years of retirement. We will address the steps you must take before and during the IMRF retirement application process.

Please click the link below if you would like to view a recently pre-recorded live version of the webinar now.

Your Glass is Half Full

Understanding Your IMRF Benefits

This workshop is for IMRF members under 40. If you want to better understand the nature of IMRF and why you are making contributions, this workshop is for you! An IMRF representative will explain how your pension is funded, your benefits as an IMRF member, and the importance of having more than one savings vehicle as you prepare for your eventual retirement.

Please click the link below if you would like to view a recently pre-recorded live version of the webinar now.

Phone Personal Benefits Reviews

If you have already attended a Glass Half Full or Retirement Workshop and want more information, you can schedule an appointment for a 25-minute Personal Benefits Review by phone with an IMRF representative who will be available to answer specific questions in regard to your IMRF benefits.

To view available times for a Phone Personal Benefits Review, sign in to your Member Access account.

Retiree Webinar Workshops

2023 Retiree Lifestyle Workshop Webinars 

The Retiree Lifestyle Workshops will be offered online in an interactive webinar format again this year, with the opportunity to ask questions. These webinars are for IMRF retirees only, and are presented by the University of Illinois Extension Educators.

Penning Your Past

Have you thought about writing your own life story as a way to share with others, or perhaps to leave a legacy? Come and explore ways to preserve your individual and family stories for future generations. No prior writing skills are needed – your writing is good enough!

Don't Go It Alone: Improving Your Social Connections

Social isolation and loneliness can deeply impact one’s quality of life, especially for older adults. Learn the difference between social isolation and loneliness, identify risk factors for both, and gain strategies for staying connected with others.

Employer Webinar Workshops

2023 Retiree Financial Workshop Webinars

Understanding Medicare Choices

Whether you are signing up for the first time or wondering if you should make a change, Medicare choices are complicated. This class will help you make a more informed decision.

Recognizing and Preventing Financial Fraud in 2023

Scammers continue to up their game by adopting new technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) and expanding low-tech frauds such as check washing. That means we need to up our game, too! Get tips on how to protect yourself

Authorized Agent Workshops

Our Employer Workshops are offered online in 2 separate webinar parts designed for Authorized Agents and other employer representatives. Staff members who assist you with day-to-day IMRF issues and processes, such as enrollment, payroll reporting, benefit applications and various member inquiries, are invited to attend.

Part 1: Authorized Agent Webinar: Introduction, Enrollment, Wage Reporting, and Termination

Part 2: Authorized Agent Webinar: Benefits, Employer Rates, and Legislation