All Workshops are Online for 2022

IMRF Workshop

Member Webinar Workshops

Pre-Retirement Workshop Webinar

Plan Your Retirement

Pre-Retirement Workshops are intended for members within five years of retirement. We will address the steps you must take before and during the IMRF retirement application process.

Please click the link below if you would like to view a recently pre-recorded live version of the webinar now.

Your Glass is Half Full

Understanding Your IMRF Benefits

This workshop is for IMRF members under 40. If you want to better understand the nature of IMRF and why you are making contributions, this workshop is for you! An IMRF representative will explain how your pension is funded, your benefits as an IMRF member, and the importance of having more than one savings vehicle as you prepare for your eventual retirement.

Please click the link below if you would like to view a recently pre-recorded live version of the webinar now.

Phone Personal Benefits Reviews

If you have already attended a Glass Half Full or Retirement Workshop and want more information, you can schedule an appointment for a 25-minute Personal Benefits Review by phone with an IMRF representative who will be available to answer specific questions in regard to your IMRF benefits.

To view available times for a Phone Personal Benefits Review, sign in to your Member Access account.

Retiree Webinar Workshops

2022 Retiree Lifestyle Workshop Webinars

Join IMRF and the University of Illinois Extension for a webinar on boosting your positivity, productivity and attitude. There are three sessions offered to help meet people's schedules. The workshops are free of charge but registration is required. Webinars are for IMRF retirees only.

Happy Hacks for More Positivity and Improving Well-Being

Our lives are bombarded with negativity, stress, and countless threats to our emotional well-being, work, and closest relationships. New research in neuroscience and positive psychology shows that when we experience happiness and positivity, it turns on all the learning centers in the brain and fuels positive outcomes in all aspects of our lives. Participants will learn about the common barriers to positivity and personal well-being and find out more about simple science-backed principles and practices, or happy hacks, to boost both positivity and productivity as well as mood and attitude.

2022 Financial Workshop Webinars

Financial Checkup for Retirees

You probably see your dentist and your doctor on a regular basis. But how long has it been since you had a financial checkup?

This class will show you how to do your own review, using checklists you can personalize. Knowing that your financial house is in order will make life easier for you and others who may assist you. You’ll learn how to:

Presented by: Karen Chan, Financial Educator

Length: approximately 90 minutes, depending upon audience participation

Employer Webinar Workshops

Authorized Agent Workshops

Our Employer Workshops are offered online in four separate webinar modules designed for Authorized Agents and other employer representatives. Staff members who assist you with day-to-day IMRF issues and processes, such as enrollment, payroll reporting, benefit applications and various member inquiries, are invited to attend.

Part 1: Authorized Agent Webinar: Introduction, Enrollment, Wage Reporting, and Termination

Part 2: Authorized Agent Webinar: Benefits, Employer Rates, and Legislation