Employer Access Learning Center (EALC)

for IMRF Employers
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Employer FAQs

Welcome to the Employer Learning Center! On the right are key training materials to help you complete all of your daily tasks. Below is a description of what is in each area. All Employer Resources or training materials are provided to suit the users preference for learning. You may choose a PDF of steps to complete your task, review a PowerPoint or watch a recorded MP4 video.

Employer Access Management: In this section, you will find all functions to set up or remove your staff’s (team member’s) Employer Access.

Wage Report Procedures: This section includes all information to assist in creating and submitting your monthly wage report.

Wage Adjustment Procedures: Here, you will find all information to make individual or bulk wage adjustments in current/ prior years.

Manage Member Events: Please refer to this section for instructions on how to enroll, terminate, or update a member’s information, view a member’s profile, or file for disability.

Document and Reports: In this section, you will learn how to search for and view documents and generate reports.

Pay Online Procedure: This section includes instructions on making payments to IMRF and viewing your account summary.

Find Important Information: Here you will find instructions on how to locate your Employer Rate in Employer Access.

Employer Access FAQs: In this section, you will find frequently asked questions about setting up your new employer access account and adding team members. 

Employer Checklists: View helpful checklists for a variety of common tasks including enrolling an employee, terminating an employee or submitting death, disability and retirement benefits.