Retiree Workshop Webinars

for IMRF Retirees
IMRF Workshops

2024 Retiree Lifestyle Workshop Webinars 

The Retiree Lifestyle Workshop will be offered online in an interactive webinar format again this year, with the opportunity to ask questions. These webinars are for IMRF retirees only and are presented by the University of Illinois Extension Educators. The programs are free, but they require registration.

Navigating Change As We Age

Everyone is aging, and there are many changes that happen along the way—physically, mentally, and financially—in about every aspect of our lives. Why can change be so difficult to manage? Come and explore ways to adopt a mindset that is more accepting of change and can result in improved well-being and potentially new opportunities!

Where to Start—Declutter Your Home and Finances

Does the clutter in your home cause you stress? Is the clutter a cause for conflict with other family members? Do you want less clutter, but you are too overwhelmed to begin? Many of us struggle to keep up with the clutter in our lives, including all of the financial papers and other documents we accumulate. In this session you will learn ways to organize your life to clear the clutter and de-stress..