Benefit Protection Leave

for Active IMRF Members

What is a Benefit Protection Leave?

A Benefit Protection Leave allows you to receive IMRF service credit and protect your disability and death benefits during an unpaid leave of absence.

If your employer wishes to provide you with IMRF service credit and IMRF disability and death benefit protection when your IMRF disability benefits end and you are not working, your employer’s governing body would file with IMRF an “IMRF Benefit Protection Leave” form (Available in Member Access).

What are the requirements for Benefit Protection Leave?

How do you pay for Benefit Protection Leave?

What if my Benefit Protection Leave ends at a future date?

In this situation, IMRF will process the application and estimate your cost based upon the future return date provided by your employer.

Do not send IMRF a payment based on this estimate. Once your employer notifies IMRF of the actual end date, IMRF will send you a "Buyback – Period Determination and Quote" form. After we have received your completed Election Form (enclosed with the "Buyback – Period Determination and Quote" form), we will send you a confirmation letter with the cost amount based on the choice you made. You can then send your payment to IMRF.