Naming Beneficiaries

for IMRF Retirees

Make Your Wishes Known

One of the most important actions you can take is to make sure your IMRF "Designation of Beneficiary" form (Available in Member Access) is up to date: 

You can name any person, trust, charity, or organization as a beneficiary. By keeping this form up to date IMRF can follow your wishes for who you want your $3,000 death benefit to go to.

Complete a New Form When You Retire

You should fill out a new "Designation of Beneficiary" form (Available in Member Access) when you retire, to make sure your beneficiary information is up to date. The fastest and easiest way for you to complete a new form is through Member Access. You can view your beneficiary information at any time in Member Access, and make updates as needed.

We Can Only Accept Your Signature

For the "Designation of Beneficiary" form (Available in Member Access), we cannot accept the signature of anyone other than you. This includes Power of Attorneys, conservators, trustees, or guardians.

IMRF will not accept any beneficiary changes over the telephone or by email.

This Form Does Not Affect Surviving Spouse Pensions

Once you are retired, your IMRF beneficiary form does not affect your surviving spouse pension death benefit. If you have an eligible spouse at the time you retire from IMRF, your spouse will be eligible for the surviving spouse pension death benefit, no matter whom you have named on your "Designation of Beneficiary" form (Available in Member Access).