IMRF Internal Audit

for Active IMRF Members


IMRF’s Internal Audit department is responsible for auditing IMRF’s internal operations, and compliance with policies and procedures, plans, external regulations and best industry practices. The Internal Audit department also provides assistance to external auditors, offers consulting services to operational units and engages in other special projects. The Internal Audit Officer, who leads the team, reports functionally to the Audit Committee and administratively to the Executive Director.

Benefit Confirmation Letters

The Internal Audit department completes monthly testing of retirement, disability, and death benefits to assess whether claims were processed correctly and received by benefit recipients.

Confirmation letters are sent to the tested benefit recipients to validate whether benefit payments have been received. If you receive a confirmation letter, please sign and return it via mail, email, or fax (630) 706-4654.

Total and Permanent Disability Visitations

Routine checks on disability recipients do occur and at times, IMRF engages an outside contractor who might meet with you in person. The representative will always carry an identification card and letter from IMRF, and is required to show you identification. This visit is a great opportunity for you to share your experiences and opinions with us.

Rotational Audits

Confirmation letters to a variety of benefit recipients living outside the United States are sent on a rotational basis in order to obtain assurance that recipients are alive and well. We also validate duplicate benefit recipients, among other types of benefit verifications.

Report an Issue to Internal Audit

Reports of violations or suspected violations can be made via our independent, third-party provider, Global Compliance Services. If desired, anyone can submit the report anonymously, via phone or web.

By Phone:
Call Global Compliance Services at: (855) 871-9132

Via Web:
Via Mobile:
Enter Username: imrf
Enter Password: pension