Wage Adjustment Procedures

for IMRF Employers
Authorized Agent Webinar

The Wage Adjustments section in Employer Access is where you will make individual or bulk wage adjustments. To make the learning process more convenient for you, we offer a variety of different learning formats, including step-by-step procedures in pdf format, PowerPoint presentation format or video format.


All uploaded wage adjustments must be uploaded using a comma-separated value (csv) file. Learn the Procedure to Properly Format the Wage Adjustment Template File.


Please use the Wage Adjustment Template and review the Wage Adjustment File Specifications document for guidance on the requirements and formatting of the report.


Training Topic Format
Wage Adjustment Template (CSV) CVS
Procedure to Properly Format the Wage Adjustment File PDF
 Wage Adjustment File Specifications PDF


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Wage Adjustments PDF PPT Video PDF PPT Video