What Can Affect the Alternate Payee's Share

for IMRF Retirees
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Several things can affect your alternate payee’s share of benefits, including:

Giving up your future pension by taking a refund

If your QILDRO states that your alternate payee is to receive a portion of your pension and you choose to take a separation refund instead of retiring, your alternate payee will not receive a monthly benefit amount even if it is included in the QILDRO.

By taking a refund before retirement, you give up your right to an IMRF pension. Since you will not be receiving a pension, your alternate payee cannot receive one because a pension benefit no longer exists. If you meet all the requirements for taking a separation refund, a QILDRO cannot prevent you from doing so.

If someone else is eligible for your surviving spouse pension

A surviving spouse pension can never be included in a QILDRO, and a QILDRO has no effect on the amount of a surviving spouse pension or who qualifies to receive one. However, if someone other than your alternate payee is eligible for your surviving spouse pension, this can affect the amount your alternate payee receives as a death benefit.

For more information about QILDROs, remarriage, and surviving spouse pensions, click here.

We will need your alternate payee’s current address

Your alternate payee must keep his or her address current with IMRF. If we do not have your alternate payee's current address, we cannot pay them.

A return to work can suspend payments

For your alternate payee to receive a portion of your monthly pension payment, you must be receiving your portion. If your pension is suspended for a return to work situation, your alternate payee's payments will also be suspended. They will resume once you re-retire and begin receiving your payments again.

Payments will not be made to your alternate payee’s estate

If your alternate payee predeceases you, your retirement benefit will revert to the full amount. No QILDRO benefits are payable to your alternate payee's estate.