Trial Work Periods

for Original ECO Plan Members

Disability Benefits Under the ECO Plan

If you are eligible for disability benefits, you might have the choice to receive benefits under the Regular/SLEP plan or under the ECO plan. To read about the differences in Disability benefits under the ECO plan, click here.

For some disabling conditions, the doctor may allow you to work fewer hours, and you may return to work part-time. This is called a “trial work period.”

If your employer offers a trial work period, you can work fewer hours than your position requires and still receive reduced IMRF disability benefits. (Note: Your employer is not required to offer a trial work period.)

A trial work period is available only if:

Impact of trial work on your IMRF disability benefits

IMRF monthly disability benefits are reduced dollar-for-dollar by the monthly trial work period gross earnings you receive. However, the minimum monthly disability benefit is $10. (Learn more about the value of that $10 benefit here.)

Trial work period rules

The trial work period:

Beginning a trial work period

If you are interested in a trial work period, call your employer. They will let you know if a trial work position is available.

If a position is available and you plan to begin a trial work period, please tell IMRF immediately. You will need to provide your physician’s release allowing you to return to work on a trial basis.