Impact of Workers' Compensation

for Original ECO Plan Members

Disability Benefits Under the ECO Plan

If you are eligible for disability benefits, you might have the choice to receive benefits under the Regular/SLEP plan or under the ECO plan. To read about the differences in Disability benefits under the ECO plan, click here.

How workers’ compensation or occupational disease benefits reduce IMRF disability payments

If it appears you may be eligible for workers’ compensation/occupational disease benefits, IMRF will reduce your monthly disability benefit even if you do not apply.

Your IMRF disability benefit will be reduced even while your claim is pending.

How much is my IMRF disability payment reduced?

Workers’ compensation benefits are normally 66-2/3% of your average weekly wage. IMRF disability benefits are usually 50% of your average monthly earnings.

Because workers’ compensation is usually more than the IMRF benefit, your monthly IMRF disability benefit is reduced to $10. With this payment:

If your workers’ compensation claim is pending

If you are being paid a reduced IMRF benefit and a final decision on your workers’ compensation claim is pending, IMRF may restore your benefit to the full amount if you sign a Disability Payment Agreement. Click here to learn more about Disability Payment Agreements.

If your claim is denied

If your workers’ compensation/occupational disease claim is denied or paid in a smaller amount than the reduction, IMRF will adjust your benefits accordingly.

Contact IMRF before choosing a lump sum settlement

If you have the option of choosing a lump sum settlement from workers’ compensation instead of weekly or monthly payments:

Contact IMRF before signing a resignation agreement

In some cases, an employer may offer to settle a workers’ compensation claim if the member agrees to resign from his or her position and give up all rights as an employee of that employer.

Note: If you sign such a resignation agreement, you also give up your right to IMRF disability benefits, unless the agreement specifically states that you are not giving up your right to IMRF disability benefits. Call IMRF at 1-800-ASK-IMRF (275-4673) before you resign or sign a workers’ compensation resignation agreement to understand the impact.

Impact of workers’ compensation benefits on Social Security and IMRF disability benefits

If you receive workers’ compensation benefits, Social Security will reduce its disability benefit. (Contact Social Security for more information.) However, IMRF disability benefits are reduced by the amount of Social Security disability benefits you may be entitled to receive before any reduction for workers’ compensation.

Exception to worker's compensation reduction

If you have IMRF or reciprocal retirement system credit earned during the period from October 1, 1974, through September 30, 1977, your benefit will not be reduced.