Avoiding Closure of Your Claim

for Original ECO Plan Members

Disability Benefits Under the ECO Plan

If you are eligible for disability benefits, you might have the choice to receive benefits under the Regular/SLEP plan or under the ECO plan. To read about the differences in Disability benefits under the ECO plan, click here.

IMPORTANT! Failing to reply to IMRF communication will result in IMRF closing your claim.

It is critical that you provide to IMRF in a timely manner any additional information we request regarding your disability claim. You will receive at least two requests for information before you receive a final request letter.

The final letter will notify you that you have 21 days from the date of the request to provide the requested information to IMRF. If you do not respond to this final request for information within 21 days of that request, your disability claim will be closed.

If a claim is closed, it cannot be reopened

When IMRF closes a claim, that is our final decision. Once a claim is closed, you give up all rights to apply for disability benefits for that condition or any conditions that relate to the closed claim.

If your claim is closed, your only option for appeal is to file an action for Administrative Review in Circuit Court within 35 days of the final request for information letter.