IMRF Organization and Governance

for IMRF Members, IMRF Employers, Public Officials, Media and General Public
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Reference Title
1.1 Sections from the Pension Code establishing IMRF and the Board
1.2 Introduction
1.3 Fiduciary Duties
1.4 Board Charter
1.5 Trustee Position Description
1.6 Board President Position Description
1.7 V.P. and Secretary Position Description
1.8 Executive Director Position Description
1.9 Executive Director Performance Appraisal Methodology
1.10 Board Meeting Protocol
1.11 Committee Meeting Protocol
1.12 Audit Committee Charter
1.13 Benefit Review Committee Charter
1.14 Ethics Committee Charter
1.15 Rescinded by action of the Board 2017-02-09
1.16 Investment Committee Charter
1.17 Legislative Committee Charter