Implementation of the Strategic Plan

IMRF Strategic Plan
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Action Plans

Each Strategic Objective is assigned sponsorship by an IMRF senior leader. These sponsors identify the appropriate employee who will serve as the single point accountable (SPA) for each Key Strategy associated with that objective. These SPAs are responsible to form teams, develop high level action plans, determine possible budget implications for each strategy, work with their sponsor to obtain resources as needed, lead the implementation of action plans, and provide regular updates to leadership on the progress and status of plans. The action plans for each key strategy are aligned with the overarching Strategic Objective. They also provide a greater level of detail, corresponding timelines and milestones for the actions, and the resources required to implement the strategy. Action plans are continually reviewed and revised to ensure the Strategic Plan remains both relevant and responsive to the needs of the organization and to all our key stakeholders.

Annual Operating Budget

Implementation of the action plans may require some incremental increases in the IMRF administrative budget. The administration of an annual employee engagement survey, an enhanced training program, voice of the customer surveying tools, and additional meeting costs highlight these incremental increases. Costs associated with the Strategic Plan will be included in the administrative budget.

Integration of Strategic Objectives with Leadership Scorecard and Performance Management

There is an adage that “What gets measured gets managed.” We apply this concept to the Strategic Plan to ensure it receives the appropriate attention needed for successful implementation. For each Key Result Area, measures are identified for the Leadership Scorecard. Regular reviews of Leadership Scorecard measures and Action Plan updates enable leadership to track the achievement of action plans and the effectiveness of related key strategies.

We will update the performance goals of senior leadership such that they are aligned with the Strategic Plan. Senior leadership will complete this same exercise for the leadership team. Performance towards completing the Strategic Plan will play an important role in the evaluation of the managers’ performance.

Communication Plan

The Strategic Plan helps drive the culture of IMRF. We emphasize the communication of the Plan to our staff, Board of Trustees, and all stakeholders. Our communication plan is simple but possesses a systematic approach for spreading our message.

IMRF Staff

A formal introduction of our new Plan will be made to our staff in January 2023. The full Plan will be posted for review on our Intranet. The Strategic Objectives continue to be highlighted in employee meetings. All employees will be reminded of our Vision and gain an understanding of their role in achieving our Strategic Objectives.

Board of Trustees

The Trustees will review and validate the Strategic Plan as part of the 2023 Adopted Budget document at the November 2022 Board Meeting. We will provide quarterly status updates to the Trustees throughout the three-year cycle of this Plan. Another comprehensive triennial strategic planning process will be completed by staff and the Board in 2025. This will start at the February 2025 Board Meeting with the completion of Step 1: Examine Mission, Vision and Values.

IMRF Stakeholders

We include highlights of the Plan in our Fundamentals newsletter articles and in memos to our employers. We also post our Plan at

Board Authorization

The IMRF Board of Trustees and IMRF leadership understand and support the IMRF Strategic Plan for 2023 - 2025 as described in this document.