Trial Work Periods

for Tier 2 SLEP Plan Members
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For some disabling conditions, the doctor may allow you to work fewer hours, and you may return to work part-time. This is called a “trial work period.”

If your employer offers a trial work period, you can work fewer hours than your position requires and still receive reduced IMRF disability benefits. (Note: Your employer is not required to offer a trial work period.)

A trial work period is available only if:

Impact of trial work on your IMRF disability benefits

IMRF monthly disability benefits are reduced dollar-for-dollar by the monthly trial work period gross earnings you receive. However, the minimum monthly disability benefit is $10. (Learn more about the value of that $10 benefit here.)

Trial work period rules

The trial work period:

Beginning a trial work period

If you are interested in a trial work period, call your employer. They will let you know if a trial work position is available.

If a position is available and you plan to begin a trial work period, please tell IMRF immediately. You will need to provide your physician’s release allowing you to return to work on a trial basis.