IMRF Website Under Construction

February 14, 2024

Public Website Under Construction;
Secure Sites Unavailable until 3/4

IMRF is getting ready to go live March 4 with our new pension administration system. Our transition to this new system is the result of a multi-year initiative to modernize the technologies and processes we use to administer IMRF and includes new Member Access and Employer Access sites.

Public Website Currently Under Construction

Over the next few weeks, we will be updating the information on to reflect our new technologies and processes. We began this work on February 14, and will continue working on these updates through our go live date of March 4.

The website will continue to be available during this time; however, the content may not be what you expect to see. During the transition there will be a combination of current business process information and future business process information as we work our way through the updates needed. You may also notice broken links as we are in the process of removing or replacing files.

Benefits processing and phone inquiries will be delayed

During this transition we anticipate delays in our customer service processing times. This is common during technology transitions of this magnitude. For example, we expect it will temporarily take up to eight weeks to process benefit applications or other business process transactions (such as a refund of member contributions).

We also anticipate longer hold times in the contact center during this transition.

Member Access, Employer Access, and Reciprocal Access will be unavailable until March 4

Our secure sites are also being replaced. You will not be able to use your current Member Access, Employer Access, or Reciprocal Access accounts until March 4.

Notice to Authorized Agents: You will not be able to access the new Employer Access site until you receive an email prompting you to register. To prepare for this transition in advance of that registration email, you should review our Go Live Checklist and the Employer Access Learning Center.

Recommendations for contacting IMRF during this time

Unless your business need is critical, we recommend you wait until the week of March 4 or later to contact IMRF. If you do need to get ahold of us before then, we suggest you use the email option available to the public here. If you are a member or retiree, please include your IMRF Member ID number in your email to us.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience as we convert to the new system.