New Employer Access Launching Soon

Employer Access Training
August 25, 2023

Are you a local government employee who uses Employer Access to administer IMRF? Exciting changes are on the horizon that will reshape the way you interact with IMRF.

Introducing the New Employer Access Secure Website

IMRF is proud to announce that it is launching its newly enhanced Employer Access secure website soon. This new version is designed to simplify and streamline your day-to-day business interactions with IMRF.

One of the most significant changes you will encounter is the enhanced data submission process for monthly wage reporting. The new system reflects IMRF’s commitment to providing cutting edge technology to ensure smoother interactions between employers and IMRF.

The Power of Preparation: Mandatory Training in September

To prepare you for the new Employer Access and enhanced wage reporting system, IMRF is requiring all participating units of government to register for the mandatory training sessions scheduled for the month of September. The training will be conducted through informative webinars, ensuring accessibility for all employers. This training is an indispensable step to ensure that your organization is ready to navigate the changes effectively.

Who Needs to Attend?

If you are involved in administering IMRF within your local unit of government – including all IMRF Authorized Agents – this training is mandatory. Failure to attend the training could cause detrimental consequences for your organization and your IMRF-participating employees.

Potential Consequences of Not Attending Training

Without proper training, your unit of government will be unprepared to navigate the new website’s functionalities, potentially leading to:

Sign Up Now to Ensure a Smooth Transition

To secure your organization’s readiness for this major change, we urge you to sign up today for the training webinars. These sessions will provide you with the insights and skills needed to effectively navigate the new Employer Access website.

Register for an upcoming training session by clicking on the preferred date below. For your convenience, we are offering the same training session multiple times in September. You only need to attend the training once. Remember, your participation is not just recommended, it’s required.

At IMRF, we’re committed to empowering our employers with the tools and knowledge needed for success. Embrace this opportunity to adapt and grow with us as we transition to a new era of efficient interactions and enhanced experiences.

For additional information or questions, call IMRF's Employer Contact Center at 1-800-728-7971.

Get ready to unlock the full potential of IMRF’s new secure Employer Access website. See you in the training sessions!