Vendor Management

for Vendors Doing Business with IMRF

IMRF is committed to providing the highest quality customer service to our members, employers and beneficiaries. IMRF expects this same high level of customer service from our suppliers, contractors and vendors.

The purpose of the Vendor Management Process is to set clear and defined expectations for our vendors. This process also helps us identify marginally performing vendors and provide feedback in order that they might meet our expectations.

The Vendor Management process is made up of four steps:

Vendor Selection:

Identify and Select Vendors

IMRF selects prospective vendors through a bidding process for most goods and services.

IMRF uses the CMS State Management system website to identify potential vendors so that IMRF can benefit from State of Illinois pricing.

IMRF reviews the vendor for MWBE status (minorities, women, and persons with a disability owned businesses) and may request any supporting documentation for that status.

When a vendor is selected to participate in a Request for Proposals (RFP) or the process of being on boarded, and is considered to be a critical third party risk to IMRF, the Procurement Specialist will include a Risk Assessment Checklist. The checklist will be completed to ensure that vendor risk factors have been identified and addressed. The Procurement Specialist will maintain a repository of these completed checklists, both for later reference and for use in the Vendor Risk Assessment process.

Vendor Orientation:

Share IMRF’s Customer Service goals and values and establish vendor relationship expectations

The Procurement Specialist provides new vendors with a Vendor Expectations Brochure, which explains and reinforces the expectations between the vendor and IMRF. It includes the IMRF:

The Procurement Specialist and IMRF staff may meet with new vendors to discuss vendor qualifications and review the importance we place on our Mission, Vision, Values and policies.

Vendor Evaluation:

Analyze existing vendors and identify strong as well as poor performing vendors

IMRF staff gathers feedback about vendors on a quarterly basis to track quality, manage performance, and identify performance trends and opportunities for improvement. This process tracks quantifiable measures such as timeliness, scope and budget.

The Procurement Specialist and IMRF staff may meet with current vendors on an as-needed basis to clarify the procurement process or explain any updates.

Vendor Management:

Monitor and enhance ongoing performance, remove poor performing vendors, and monitor contract management

IMRF staff maintains data on vendor performance and improvement as part of the IMRF Supply Chain Management strategy. The Vendor Management process provides us with a comprehensive view of vendor performance and attainment of performance expectations. This allows our management staff to make fact-based decisions when selecting or removing vendors.

The Procurement Specialist will prepare a quarterly high-level summary after the vendor management spreadsheet has been updated. The summary will contain information regarding vendors who are being monitored for poor performance and the reasons why. It will also include feedback regarding vendors who are being monitored but have made improvements in their performance. Vendors that have been removed from doing business with IMRF will be included in the summary and the reasons why. The summary will be submitted to the General Counsel, who will present it to senior management.