Mission Vision and Values

for IMRF Members, IMRF Employers, Public Officials, Media and General Public

This vision and these values support IMRF’s mission statement by providing goals and guiding principles as we develop, implement, and administer programs for our 181,205 active members, 154,554 retired members, and 3,045 employers.

Mission Statement

To efficiently and impartially develop, implement, and administer programs that provide income protection to members and their beneficiaries on behalf of participating employers in a prudent manner.

Adopted September 26, 1991


To provide the highest quality retirement services to our members, their beneficiaries and employers.

Revised August 24, 2007
Adopted July 2, 2001


Guiding us to REAACH our Mission, Vision, and Goals


Recognizing the worth, uniqueness and importance of ourselves, our co-workers, and our membership builds collaboration and cooperation.


Being aware of the feelings of others and how our actions affect them enables us to be responsive to the needs of our membership.


Accepting responsibility for our actions cultivates the trust of our coworkers, members, and employers.


Performing our duties in an accurate and timely manner ensures our members receive the service and benefits to which they are entitled.


Recognizing the need for innovation and being willing to change strengthens our ability to meet future challenges and opportunities.


Acting in a truthful, ethical, and professional manner builds confidence with our membership and the public.

Revised 2010/2013
Adopted July 2, 2001