2024 Bid Calendar

for Vendors Doing Business with IMRF

This schedule includes the formal bids (those over $25,000) currently scheduled for 2023.

Bid documents/RFPs will be posted on the Open RFPs page on the open date for each cycle. The bid close date is the last date we will accept bids.

If you have questions about how to become a vendor for IMRF, contact Daniel Martinez in the IMRF Procurement Unit.

Planned bids and schedules are subject to change at any time.


Opening Date: January 18, 2024
Closing Date: February 8, 2024


Opening Date: February 22, 2024
Closing Date: March 14, 2024


Opening Date: April 25, 2024
Closing Date: May 16, 2024


Opening Date: July 25, 2024
Closing Date: August 15, 2024


Opening Date: October 17, 2024
Closing Date: November 7, 2024


Opening Date: November 14, 2024
Closing Date: December 5, 2024