Special Memo 332


Authorized Agents of Employers Offering the NCPERS Term Life Insurance Plan

December 3, 2014

Re: New Participant Enrollment Forms

The underwriter of the NCPERS Endorsed Term Life Plan, Prudential, has revised the program enrollment materials based on a review of various regulations concerning required fraud warnings and disclosures. New materials that have been approved as complying with those regulations were shipped to member groups for distribution effective with the 2014 open enrollment season.

Inventories of old enrollment brochure stock should be discarded, as they are not compliant with related regulations. Prudential can no longer accept enrollment forms on old stock. Member forms received on old stock with a signature date of 11/1/2014 or later will be returned, with instructions to complete enrollment on the new approved form.

To replenish hard copy supplies with new materials, please contact HealthSmart Benefit Solutions at (800) 525-8056 or Michelle.Branch@healthsmart.com.

Louis W. Kosiba
Executive Director