Special Memo 287

Construction worker

To: Authorized Agents who never applied for a secure Employer Access Account
Re: Take advantage of secure Employer Access

November 24, 2004

During conversations with Authorized Agents across the state, I have learned that administering IMRF can be challenging and is often just one of many responsibilities. Did you know a tool is available that will allow you to manage some of your IMRF responsibilities more efficiently, accurately, and safely? That tool is the secure Employer Access area of the IMRF website, www.imrf.org.

Our records indicate you never applied for an Employer Access User ID:

Each month more than 1,700 IMRF employers save time by using the secure Employer Access area to submit termination forms, monthly wage reports, wage adjustments, and member information changes.

Employer Access allows you to answer your members’ questions more quickly because you can view members’ personal information, service credit, reported wages and contribution history. You can look up information about your employer’s IMRF account, such as resolutions passed by your governing body and your employer’s previous and current IMRF contribution rates. The next year’s rate is available by June. You can also view a history of forms you submitted electronically.

Coming in May 2005, IMRF will release its new Employer Access area. This new site will include an enhanced wage reporting function. This new wage reporting function will identify and allow you to fix any errors (missing members, unknown members, incorrect wages or contributions, etc.) before you transmit the detail wage file. Fixing errors before you send the wage report to IMRF will greatly reduce the need for wage adjustments (Form 3.20) and will increase more timely and accurate benefit payments to members.

In addition, the enhanced wage reporting function will create your Form 3.10, “Wage Reporting Summary,” automatically. We anticipate the enhanced wage reporting function will save you time and paperwork (and eliminate those follow-up letters from IMRF).

The Internet continues to grow as an efficient and economical business tool. Therefore, at some future date employers with Internet access will be required to submit their wage reports via our secure Employer Access area.

If your employer has access to the Internet, I hope you will join your fellow Authorized Agents who are saving time by applying for an Employer Access Account today.