Special Memo 279

Construction worker

To: Employers who transmit wage and contribution detail to IMRF’s bulletin board system (BBS)
Re: Eliminating BBS as acceptable method of transmission beginning with March 2002 wage report (submitted in April 2002)

January 8, 2002

If you are not responsible for submitting IMRF wage reports, please forward this memo to the appropriate individual. Our records indicate that you currently transmit your wage reporting detail file via IMRF’s bulletin board system (BBS). Because of changing technology, IMRF will eliminate the BBS in 2002. Beginning with your March 2002 wage reports—which you will submit in April 2002—IMRF will no longer accept wage reporting files via BBS.

Alternative methods of wage report submission

  1. Employer Access area of IMRF Online (www.imrf.org).
    This method is economic because you no longer need to purchase reel tapes or incur postage expense. To use this method, you need an Employer Access account. Once established, you transmit the same detailed file that you submitted on reel tape through the secured Employer Access area using the link called “Transmit Wage Reporting Detail.” The “Transmit Wage Reporting Detail” screens have been designed to “walk you through” the process.
  2. Diskette
    IMRF does not return diskettes.
  3. Magnetic Media (34xx cartridge)
    IMRF accepts only 34xx cartridges. Unless requested, IMRF does not return tape cartridges.

Submitting Form 3.10, “Monthly Deposit Summary”
As with BBS transmissions, you will continue to mail your paper IMRF Form 3.10, “Monthly Deposit Summary,” with your payment or wire transfer information. Meanwhile, we are investigating the possibility of a secured method of transmitting the Monthly Deposit Summary over the Internet.

Establishing an IMRF Employer Access account
If you have Internet access and want to establish an Employer Access account, please complete and return the enclosed IMRF Form 2.80, “Employer Access User ID — www.imrf.org.” If you have any questions, please call an IMRF Member Service Representative at 1-800-ASK-IMRF (1-800-275-4673).

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