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IMRF earns a 2009 Lincoln Foundation Bronze Award for Commitment to Excellence

January 12, 2010

IMRF is proud to announce that in recognition of our commitment to improving our management systems and processes, we earned a 2009 Lincoln Foundation Bronze Award for Commitment to Excellence.

IMRF was one of only four organizations to be recognized by the Lincoln Foundation in 2009. Nine organizations applied.

Founded in 1994, the Lincoln Foundation for Performance Excellence is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to help Illinois organizations improve their performance by encouraging, developing and highlighting excellence. The Lincoln Foundation evaluates organizations in the following sectors: industrial enterprises, service providers, health care organizations, educational institutions and government agencies.

“By encouraging the adoption of organizational best practices, we hope to help Illinois companies stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing economic environment,” said Paul G. Kuchuris, Jr., the president and CEO of the Lincoln Foundation for Performance Excellence. “Organizations such as IMRF that have demonstrated a commitment to improving their management play an important role in helping us achieve this goal.”

The Bronze Award reflects IMRF’s dedication to ongoing organizational improvement. The Lincoln Foundation evaluated IMRF’s competencies in a variety of areas, including senior leadership, strategic planning, customer engagement, workforce engagement, management of information and information technology.

IMRF is honored to receive this recognition from the Lincoln Foundation. IMRF is constantly working to improve our operating practices. By doing so, we ensure we’re able to continue to provide a high-level of service to our members and employers at the most reasonable cost to the taxpayer.

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