2.1.3 Ethics Policy: Policy on Business and Educational Functions

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The Board of Trustees acknowledges it is responsible for the administration and operation of a specialized business involving great sums of money for the exclusive benefit of the plan participants and beneficiaries of the trust (Fund), and are responsible for defraying reasonable expenses which arise from the performance of duties and responsibilities under applicable trust law and universal tenets of fiduciary responsibility.

Trustees cannot rely solely on others to execute their fiduciary functions. While authority can be delegated, fiduciary responsibility rests ultimately with the trustees.

The Board of Trustees strongly encourages attendance and participation in business and educational functions which will further the performance of duties and responsibilities under applicable trust law. At a minimum, the trustees are required to attend at least 8 hours of ethics and fiduciary training per year. Trustees shall annually certify to the Board compliance with this training requirement.

Examples of Categories and Definitions

I. Business Operations:

Business Meetings:

Due Diligence:

Site Inspections:

II. Educational Operations:


Workshops and Symposiums:

Trustee Ethics and Fiduciary Training: