Transfer IMRF Service to SERS

Illinois State Capitol
December 1, 2022

Senate Bill 3778 was signed into law as Public Act 102-0856. This law adds additional positions to those previously allowed to transfer service credit from IMRF to the State Employees Retirement System (SERS).

Who may apply

If you are currently participating in SERS, you are eligible to transfer up to 5 years of qualifying IMRF service credit you have earned to SERS. This IMRF service was earned by performing police duties with a participating municipality.

Types of eligible service

These additional types of service credit qualify:

Reinstated service also qualifies if it meets the criteria above.

Timeline to apply

Associated cost from SERS

You may also need to pay an additional cost for this transfer to SERS. IMRF has no further information about this amount.

How to apply

Complete the IMRF Transfer to State Employees Retirement System form. Scan your completed form and send it to IMRF by attaching it to a secure message using Member Access. You can also fax your form to 630-706-4289 or mail the form to us.