Sunshine Week 2018

March 12, 2018


Transparency is Good for Illinois


OAK BROOK, Ill. -- IMRF continues promoting fiscal responsibility and a commitment to transparency during Sunshine Week (March 11-17), a national initiative promoting open government and freedom of information.

From the headquarters in Chicagoland to the regional office in Springfield, and all across the state, IMRF is receiving accolades for accurate and clear financial reporting, all while presenting “open books” to the media and members of the general public.

This is good news to incoming leader, Executive Director Brian Collins, who feels good about taking the reins at IMRF. “There’s no greater professional feeling than knowing that your workplace is doing a stand-up job. What a testament to our staff members and leaders, who exemplify integrity, every day,” said Collins.

For more than four decades, the Government Finance Officers Association has applauded IMRF’s Finance Department for clear and accurate financial reporting, a point of pride with the organization. 

"There's no shenanigans," Chief Financial Officer Mark Nannini said. "There are no issues that what we receive is not properly recorded, not properly invested, as well as properly disclosed in our annual financial reports, so that they can see the total flow of the dollars from when they pay, to how they're being utilized."

In addition, the media team encourages open lines of communication. “At IMRF, we understand that our members and employers aren’t our only stakeholders. Taxpayers are stakeholders too,” Communications Manager John Krupa said. “So not only do we provide easy access to public information online; we also proactively report on IMRF’s success through workshops that are open to the public, through social media, and by working with journalists.”

Anyone with web access can visit IMRF’s Freedom of Information Act Request System and Transparency Portal at This section provides easy access to key public documents, including:

  • IMRF’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
  • Info on IMRF positions with $75K+ total compensation
  • IMRF’S Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR)
  • IMRF’s Ethics Code
  • IMRF’s Annual Operating Budget
  • Member/employer data summaries

Individuals and organizations without internet access are encouraged to contact the Communications Office, anytime. In addition to financial reporting and updates, IMRF engages internal and external stakeholders through newsletters, media interviews, social media, workshops, and civic group visits, throughout the year.