March 2017 Board Meeting Highlights

April 14, 2017

Staff updates Board on IMRF’s “Journey of Excellence”

IMRF Deputy Executive Director Dan Duquette and Performance Excellence Manager Kathy Goerdt provided the Board of Trustees an overview of IMRF’s “Journey of Excellence.”

IMRF’s “Journey” is the organization’s formal approach to operationalizing the attainment of IMRF’s Mission and Vision statements. It centers on integrating the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence into the day-to-day administration of the pension fund. The Baldrige Criteria—which is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology—is a proven framework for achieving world-class business results. The Criteria includes guidance and best practices related to organizational leadership; strategic planning; customer service; measurement, analysis, and knowledge management; the workforce; process management; and business results. Organizations validate their implementation of the Baldrige Criteria through the submission of a detailed application, culminating in site visit by examiners trained in the Criteria.

Duquette said that IMRF introduced Baldrige in 2008, and implemented a number of process improvements as a result. IMRF submitted its first application in 2009. With each application submission, it received a feedback report from Baldrige examiners detailing IMRF’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. IMRF utilized that feedback to implement organizational improvements and solidify strengths. In total, IMRF has submitted 3 applications since 2008, systematically implementing improvements based on the feedback. Some of the improvements included developing a more formal and focused strategic planning process; establishing strategic measures for a Leadership Scorecard; implementing a customer feedback management system;; and introducing a tool to measure workforce engagement. IMRF submitted its most recent application and profile in 2014, when the organization received a Silver Award for “Progress Towards Excellence.” IMRF intends to submit an application in 2017.

In the long-term, IMRF’s goal is to achieve and maintain a level of performance worthy of a National Baldrige Gold Award, Duquette said. Such an award would validate IMRF’s commitment to providing world-class customer service and business results.

The Board expressed their continued support for the Journey of Excellence.

Board approves next phase of technology replacement project

The Board approved a staff recommendation to move forward with the next phase of a project to replace the systems IMRF uses to administer its benefits program.

The multi-year project involves modernizing many of the core systems IMRF uses to process retirement, disability, and death benefit claims. The new systems will allow IMRF to provide members and employers enhanced customer service.

IMRF is partnering on the project with the firm Morneau Shepell.

New units of government join IMRF

The Board approved the participation of the following new employers:

Next Board meeting

The next regular meeting of the IMRF Board of Trustees will be Friday, May 19, at 9 AM at IMRF’s Oak Brook headquarters.