Service Credit

for Tier 1 SLEP Plan Members
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The amount of your IMRF pension is partially determined by how much service credit you have. Service credit is your total time under IMRF, stated in years and months. The more service credit you have, the larger the amount of your pension will be. You earn one month of service credit for each month you:

You cannot earn more than one month of service credit for any given calendar month.

Participating in IMRF Through More than One Employer or Plan

If you are working for more than one employer at the same time in an IMRF covered position, or you participate in IMRF through more than one plan at the same time, you earn a type of service credit called “Concurrent Service.” How your concurrent service is treated depends on how you earned it:

If you work... Your wages for the month are
For more than one employer and are reported under the same IMRF plan for each position. combined, and, by law, you are credited with one month of service.

If this concurrent service occurs during your "final rate of earnings" (FRE) period, it can increase the amount of your pension.
In more than one position and are reported under a different IMRF plan for each position. not combined; however, you still are credited only one month of service credit.

Although you earn only one month of service credit, when your pension is calculated it will apply each plan’s pension formula to each month you have concurrent service, which could increase the amount of your pension.

Conversion of SLEP Service Credit

If you held a SLEP-qualifying position between July 1, 2004 and August 8, 2011, you can convert up to 10 years of Regular service credit to SLEP service credit. For the service to be eligible for conversion to SLEP, you must have earned your Regular service before you earned your SLEP service.

If you are not vested for a SLEP pension (have at least 20 years of SLEP service), converting your Regular service may allow you to vest for a SLEP pension.

Complete a Conversion of Regular Service Credit to SLEP Service Credit for earnings previously reported to IMRF.