Board Resolution 2021-05-12(g)

Meeting room

Topic: Rescinding Resolutions
Subtopic: Rescinding Obsolete and Outdated Resolutions
Date: 5/28/2021
Status: Active

WHEREAS, Section 7-198 of the Illinois Pension Code authorizes the Board of Trustees of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund to establish rules necessary or desirable for the efficient administration of the Fund; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees has previously adopted Resolutions 2010-01-07 and 1992-06-2 establishing certain Board policies; and

WHEREAS, these policies are now obsolete because of statutory changes or passage of time; and

WHEREAS, it is appropriate that these resolutions be rescinded.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Board Resolutions 2010-01-07 and 1992-06-2 be and are hereby rescinded.