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Board of Trustee Committees

The IMRF Board of Trustees has many responsibilities including approving IMRF's administrative budget, authorizing employer contribution rates, adopting actuarial assumptions and appointing the IMRF actuary and IMRF investment counsel.

In addition, the board has established several committees to review and research various topics. These committees meet at various intervals and generally make recommendations to the full Board.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee was established in 2002 and meets twice a year. The Audit Committee functions as a communications link between the Board of Trustees, the outside auditors, the internal auditor, and IMRF senior management.

2021 Audit Committee

Tom Kuehne, Chair
Peter Stefan, Vice Chair
Natalie Copper
Sue Stanish

Benefit Review Committee

The Benefit Review Committee was established in 1987 and meets as needed. When a member applies for a benefit and is denied that benefit, the member can appeal the denial. Although the full Board of Trustees makes a final decision whether to uphold or reverse the denial, the Benefit Review Committee hears the appeal. This committee acts as a fact-finder and administrative judge. It reports its findings to the full board and recommends whether a denial should be upheld or reversed.

2021 Benefit Review Committee

Natalie Copper, Chair
Tracie Mitchell, Vice Chair
Tom Kuehne
Peter Stefan
Dave Miller

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee assists the Board of Trustees with its duty to invest the assets of the Fund. It periodically reviews and changes investment policy and asset allocation, evaluates investment portfolio and investment manager performance, evaluates and selects investment managers, evaluates and selects a master trustee, evaluates and selects investment consultants, evaluates and selects policy level benchmarks, evaluates and approves the assignment of investment related contracts, terminates investment service providers and performs other duties that may be assigned by the Board of Trustees.

The Investment Committee meets on as as-needed basis.

2021 Investment Committee

Dave Miller, Chair
Tom Kuehne, Vice Chair
Natalie Copper
Gwen Henry
Louis Kosiba
Tracie Mitchell
Sue Stanish
Peter Stefan 

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee meets periodically as needed. The Legislative Committee provides an important contact between IMRF and its members with the General Assembly. Committee members may meet with key legislators to discuss legislative proposals endorsed by IMRF.

The Legislative Committee:

2021 Legislative Committee

Sue Stanish, Chair
Louis Kosiba, Vice Chair
Natalie Copper
Tracie Mitchell