2020 Employee Trustee Election

Board Room

Tracie M. Mitchell

Decatur, IL

Current Position

Emergency Communications Specialist for Central IL Regional Dispatch Center

Length of Service

Emergency Communications Specialist, July 2006 to Present; Emergency Communications Clerk, January 2000 to July 2006.

Current Job Duties

As an Emergency Communications Specialist, I receive 911 and non-emergency calls involving crime, fire, and medical issues; determine the appropriate priority level response; and dispatch appropriate personnel. My work involves multi-tasking between multiple agencies, radio channels, and incoming/outgoing phone calls, as well as performing record entries/searches in local and national databases.

Other Pertinent Information

For 20 years I’ve worked in Emergency Communications, and I serve as Recording Secretary of AFSCME Local 268. I’m a spirited and determined advocate for public service workers; this commitment to advocacy is why I now seek to serve as Employee Trustee.

When my dispatch center was privatized, I led a successful effort to safeguard our valuable IMRF status. When elected, I vow to keep that fighting spirit to ensure our earned pension benefits are there when we need them.