Member Access

for Active IMRF Members

Manage Your IMRF Account With Member Access!

Read below to see how you can manage your IMRF benefits with Member Access, and follow the steps to sign up for an account!

To sign up for your account:

  1. Click “Member Login” in the green box at the top right of
  2. Log in Box

  3. Click the yellow "Register for a Member Access Account" button.
  4. If you have your registration key, click "yes" and enter it.
  5. If you don’t have a registration key, click "no" and follow the instructions. Note: First make sure your address is up to date with IMRF. You will receive your Registration Key by mail. Come back to once you have received your registration key by mail and enter it.
  6. Now you have access!

What you can do from your profile page

Your profile page (My IMRF) gives you a capsule overview of your IMRF account information. You can view your contact information, your beneficiaries, your current and future IMRF benefits, your wages and contributions, and much more.

Profile for Members 

The Quick Links on the right side of your profile page contain links to commonly used features.

 Quick Links For Members

Secure Online Forms

Fill out IMRF forms online—it’s safe, secure, and fast. No need to wait for the postal system!

Secure Online Forms For Members 

View your documents

Misplace a document from IMRF? With Member Access you can print documents that we’ve sent to you or that you’ve sent to IMRF. You can even review letters from IMRF before they arrive in the mail.

Member Access View Your Documents 

Upload documents

You can upload certain documents to IMRF.

Member Access Upload Documents