Changes in Employee Information

for IMRF Employers

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Make changes to an employee's address, Social Security number, name, birth date or gender Employer Access NA
Make changes to a member's employment or IMRF plan Employer Access NA
Change an employee from an elected position to a non-elected position Employer Access NA
Change an ECO member to SLEP or Regular plans NA Form 6.28
Election to Make/Change Voluntary Additional Contributions
NA Form 6.30 
Reclassify SLEP service credit mistakenly submitted as Regular NA Form 6.71
Request a Pension Impact Statement when considering an increase of 12% or more in the earnings of an "officer, executive, or manager." Refer to PA 97-0609 for more information. NA Form 3.22
Report earnings and contributions that should have been credited for a member who was not enrolled when they were earned NA Form 6.05
You and your employee will complete this form. You will upload it in Employer Access.