New Wage Adjustment Reporting Process

for IMRF Employers
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NEW Wage Adjustment Reporting Process

IMRF's online Wage Adjustment Reporting process provides IMRF employers with a faster, more accurate way to report adjustments to member wages and contributions to IMRF.

Now, IMRF has enhanced its Wage Adjustment Reporting Process to provide employers a more accurate, timely method of reporting member wages and contributions to IMRF. This enhanced process allows employers to:

The improved Wage Adjustment Reporting Process was introduced to help employers save time when entering multiple wage adjustments. Previously, employers were required to enter data for one employee and one wage period at a time. Now, employers can enter member data using one of three options:

  1. Following the standard single person, single wage period reporting process currently used in Employer Access.
  2. New: Entering one member's data for multiple wage periods using the downloadable spreadsheet in Employer Access.
  3. New: Using the downloadable spreadsheet in Employer Access to enter multiple members' data for one or more wage periods.

To introduce employers to the enhanced Wage Adjustment Reporting Process, IMRF has introduced a step-by-step guide to the two new wage adjustment methods. The guide may be downloaded for easy reference.

Should you have questions, please contact an IMRF Member Services Representative using the exclusive, employer-only 800 number: 1-800-728-7971.