Accelerated Payment


COVID-19 and Accelerated Payment (AP)

In some situations, temporarily reduced member earnings due to COVID-19 could result in an unanticipated Accelerated Payment invoice.

If during the Final Rate of Earnings (FRE) period, a member had a reduction in hours required by the employer during the pandemic, and then the member’s hours were increased back to pre-pandemic levels once the employer returned to normal operating levels, IMRF may send the employer an Accelerated Payment invoice.

However, only in these Covid-related cases, IMRF will consider this situation to be under the "increased hours" exemption.

To request the exemption, complete and submit the Request for an Accelerated Payment Exemption form (IMRF form 7.20) provided with your AP Invoice, and check the qualifying exemption box for:

Read more about Accelerated Payments. The page also includes information on the Final Rate of Earnings (FRE) Period, in the right sidebar.

Last updated: 06/172021